Our Brands

We have been in the personal hygiene business for many years and fully understand the complexities of the markets we operate in.

That knowledge helps us develop our own brands but is also invaluable when it comes to designing and creating successful products and solutions for others.

We market our own brands in Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and Americas.
Canbebe is a diaper brand distributed across the Middle East and Africa. Known for being a quality product at a smart price, it is favoured by mothers in the marketplace. Visit Canbebe website Visit Sub-Saharan Africa website
Helen Harper Baby is popular with consumers mainly across Eastern Europe, Russia and Africa. Visit website
Moltex is our range of eco-friendly diapers, invented, developed and sold in Germany. Made with sustainable raw materials. Visit website
Bio Baby contributes to the ecology as it includes the largest number of sustainable materials, so that babies do not have to deal with them when they grow up. We also integrate sustainable materials to break the dependence on non-renewable resources and protect the future resources of the world of babies. Visit website
Bbtips is the first diaper brand focuses on new parents, providing not only a very trustable diaper, but also valuable advices for the care of their babies in each package and through its website and social networks. Visit website
Kiddies is the first diaper in Mexico to guarantee its anti-leakage performance. With this, Kiddies is the best option within value and price in the intermediate segment by offering a premium anti-leakage performance. Visit website
Chicolastics Classic, true to its position, seeks to be the best option at the best price, offering the longest lasting core performance in the economy segment. Visit website
Training underpants are a useful and didactic help for the baby to learn how to go to the bathroom with the required absorbency for protecting the baby while he is learning. Baby Pants is an efficient training pants with an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Visit website
Sapeka is a regional brand with a strong participation in Northeast of Brazil. The diapers are specially designed with high quality materials and meet the specific needs of babies. In 2016 Sapeka introduced “Sapeka Justinha” with a new shape that fits better the baby, super protective barriers and straps on the side (type “Velcro”) that confirmed its excellent cost-benefit. Visit the website
Pom Pom is a reference in child care since 1968. Its portfolio includes products that provide protection, care and comfort for the baby. Pom Pom Products are inspired by the relationship between mothers and their babies. The products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested to certify our quality with up to 14 hours of protection and Anti-odor technology. Pom Pom is the only brand with a complete line from baby diapers to toiletries. Visit the website      
Cremer Disney brings the magic and charm from Disney characters. It’s a great option for the mothers who seek for security, comfort and practicality. Its diapers offer security, super absorption, barriers to avoid leakage, a sweet fragrance and a fun design. Visit the website
Little Big Change is the first Ontex baby brand that is sold exclusively through an online subscription model, providing consumers with a flexible and highly customizable purchase and delivery service. Targeting health-conscious mums and dads with an active lifestyle, the Little Big Change diaper solution offers gentle softness, high performance dryness without compromising on health: 0% perfume, 0% chlorine, 0% toxic products as certified according to the Oekotex Standard 100. Visit the website
NAT, Nice and True Intimate Care, is a European modern and transparent brand of feminine hygiene products designed to offer natural care and no feel period for young women to keep up with their active urban lifestyle. NAT covers all needs from tampons to ultra-towels and panty liners; and all our products are reliable and high performing, free of additives and hypoallergenic. Check out this video to discover the cotton soul and technological brain of NAT. NAT, Nice to your Body, True to your Style.
Fiore offers an excellent cost-benefit value. Features like an extra-soft cover with chamomile and chlorophyll offer softness, skin care, odor control and high absorbency. Visit website
Silhouette offers value for money feminine care products. Its portfolio includes pads, daily liners and Feminine Liquid Soap, with features like Super gel and extra-soft lid with chamomile and odor control, giving a feeling of well-being
iD provides a comprehensive assortment of disposable products suitable to all types and levels of incontinence. We offer a number of consumer and professional services, such as ID-Direct, to increase the quality of support for anyone suffering from incontinence or helping in its treatment. Visit website
The Serenity brand has over 30 years of experience and has its home in Italy. It offers a range of innovative, practical and comfortable incontinence products to help with all levels of incontinence. Visit website
Canped offers a full range of incontinence products and is distributed across the Middle East. The wide product portfolio caters to all ages, from adults to children with special needs. Visit website
Lille Healthcare includes incontinence pads and a range of pants and adult diapers distributed mainly across Europe. Visit website
Affective is a high quality line for adult incontinence protection. It offers products that correspond every need and has a formula of gel that provides better absorption. Visit website
In Affective® we care about making your life healthier, so we offer a variety of products with specific features that will help you in your daily life. Visit website
Adultmax Maturidade is an exclusive brand on the adult care market, with a greater focus in the Northeast of Brazil. It offers a portfolio for urinary incontinence (postpartum and postoperative), including disposable diapers and absorbent pads, being a very good cost-benefit offer. Visit website
Bigfral is the market leader in adult care products. Its portfolio includes technological products with high performance, providing a higher life quality for  its users. The diapers line consists of: Bigfral Plus, for intense incontinence and Bigfral Noturna, for severe incontinence. The new line Bigfral Confort is created for people with moderate incontinence and an active life. Visit website
Moviment is a Brazilian brand of unisex pants specially designed for active adults. This product brings the freedom, discretion and comfort needed for our customers to maintain their routine. Ideal for adults with moderate or severe urinary incontinence, Moviment comes in two sizes. Moviment has the endorsement and quality of Bigfral, leader in products for urinary incontinence. Visit website